Bamboo fabrics retain their unique qualities when laundered in cold to warm water (up to 60 degrees Celsius) using a mild detergent, devoid of bleach. For certain finished garments and fabric types, a gentle cycle may be preferable. If needed, bamboo fabrics can be tumble dried on a low setting. Please be advised: fabrics with vegetable dye should be dried away from direct sunlight to preserve their color.



For our Bamboo and hemp fabrics, we advise washing instead of dry cleaning. Opt for the gentle wash cycle or hand wash, using a reputable brand of mild soap, whether in powder or liquid form. It's best to avoid bleach, as chlorine bleaches can lead to yellowing. When hand washing, ensure thorough rinsing to prevent staining caused by soap residue oxidation on cellulose. To mitigate fabric pilling, follow these steps: Wash your garments inside out on a shorter wash cycle with gentle agitation, and promptly remove them from the dryer. To remove fabric pills, stretch the fabric over a curved surface and delicately cut or shave off the pills.  


Line drying in the sun is the optimal method, if feasible, for drying our Bamboo and hemp fabrics. While machine drying is acceptable, it's crucial not to overdo it. Excessive drying can lead to fabric damage. 


Ironing hemp is made simpler when the fabric is slightly damp. Before ironing, lightly dampen the hemp and then proceed with the ironing process. This method tends to yield better results for achieving a smooth finish.

Avoiding fabric stretch

Jersey fabrics, due to their elasticity, are prone to stretching when hung. Hanging them can result in the garment losing its shape over time. This applies to garments made from jersey fabrics as well. To maintain the shape and integrity of jersey items, it's advisable to fold them neatly and store them away rather than hanging. This helps preserve their original form and prevents misshaping.

LEOSTAR'S SUPPLEX®-Nylon & Spandex

Leo Star's SUPPLEX® fabric revolutionizes activewear by offering the comfort and aesthetics of cotton alongside the advanced features of modern fiber technology. While cotton is beloved for its natural texture, it often falls short with issues like creasing, shrinking, and fading. Our scientists addressed these concerns by developing SUPPLEX®, a fabric that combines the best of both worlds. SUPPLEX® is not only anti-abrasion and anti-tear, but it's also breathable, shape-retaining, resistant to pilling, quick-drying, colorfast, and offers UPF 40 built-in sun protection. Despite being 100% nylon, it mirrors the advantages of cotton products. When blended with Spandex, SUPPLEX® enhances comfort, fit, and freedom of movement, making it ideal for activewear tailored to yoga, ballet, gymnastics, and more.  

 Care Instructions:

This fabric is best machine washed, inside out in cold water, with similar fabrics. Hang to dry or tumble dry on low. Do not bleach or iron.

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